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Booking a hotel online is like trying to find your way through a jungle. Before you even book the hotel, you have to wade through dozens of sites, fighting pop-ups along the way.


Now there’s an easier way.

With Room 77, you can compare prices across all the leading sites in one place (with lightning fast speed), narrow down the choices using meaningful filters, and book with confidence knowing you got a great deal. No gimmicks, no annoying pop-ups.

At Room 77, we apply our room IQ and our personalized Room Concierge service to get you into the right room.


So what’s room IQ, smarty pants?

Glad you asked. Room IQ refers to all the intelligence and data we’ve gathered about hotel rooms throughout the world. We collected thousands of floor plans and blueprints, and talked to countless front desk agents to figure out which rooms are best in each hotel. All this -- so you won’t have to.


How does the science factor in?

We don’t mean to brag, but our engineers are crazy smart. They’ve built cutting-edge technology that enables us to take a simple hotel floor plan and use it to simulate the views from the rooms, figure out distance to the elevators, and a bunch of other cool stuff.


And what’s the Room Concierge - do they get me dinner reservations?

Not exactly. The Room Concierge team works their butts off to get you into the right room. When you book with Room 77, you let us know what’s most important to you in a room - a great view, a quiet stay, or some extra space. We then figure out which rooms would best match your preferences (insert room IQ here), and request those for you at the hotel. Heck, you may end up so happy with your room that you wanna take us out to dinner!


Ok, so you’ll get me into the penthouse suite?

We’re good...but we’re not in the genie business. Look, it’s no secret that when you book with an online travel site, you’re usually stuck with the worst room in the hotel. We’re trying to change that by stacking the odds in your favor; no matter what kind of room you booked, we want to get you into one that best matches your preferences.


Alright, I’ll bite. How much is this gonna cost me?

Nothing. Nada. Zip. It’s free! When you book a hotel* with us, we provide the Room Concierge service for free. Of course, we could be bribed with letters or tweets of appreciation, chocolates, or cupcakes with pretty sprinkles. Just sayin’.

* Note: The Room Concierge service applies to all hotels classified as 3 ~ 5 stars. In other words, we can’t help you out at that 2-star motel with a water bed. Sorry, champ.

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