Hacker-in-Residence (HIR) program at Room 77

Room 77 is offering free office space in downtown Mountain View to exceptional hackers who are working on their personal projects or early-stage startup ideas. All we're asking in return is that you spend a few hours a week contributing to an open-source project sponsored by Room 77, that may benefit the startup community as well as your own project.

You get:

And in return, we ask for:

You are welcome to propose other projects as well. Each HIR appointment lasts 6 months with a possibility to renew at the end.


How to apply:

Please click here to submit your up-to-date resume.

About Room 77:

Room 77 is building the world's best hotel search engine, featuring room-level information that cannot be found anywhere else. Combining state-of-the-art search technology with the latest developments in 3D rendering, we're building innovative products to perform fast hotel search and compute virtual views out of each hotel room.