Director, Design

We’re looking for a design director who worships at the temple of the user and dreams in pixels and grids. You craft and build teams who craft clean, usable and thoughtful designs that people LOVE to use. You believe that you're not done until users' reactions to your work involves an expletive before cool in the statement "That's so ______ cool." You have a good grasp of HTML/CSS and respect designs that optimize for efficiency and speed. You work extremely well in a team environment where design, product, and engineering work to build amazing user experiences. You believe there is no trade-off between beauty and function or user delight and business goals. You can dish out a joke as well as you can take it. You've gotten into a staring contest with fear and sent it away screaming.



To apply, please send examples of recent work along with your resume and cover letter to In the subject line, include the position you’re applying for.