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Room 77 offers hotel partners a cost-effective marketing and distribution channel that goes beyond other meta-search and OTAs. Here’s some information on how your hotel can realize incremental revenue and bookings by working with us.

Overview of Room 77

  • Provides price comparisons for more room categories than just the lowest-priced, allowing hotels to merchandise category differentiators and value to help upsell.
  • Has ability to go direct to your property, pulling real-time price and availability from your CRS.
  • Enables unique merchandising opportunities by showcasing features that no other site provides (square footage, sample views, room photos, etc.).
  • Helps improve guest’s stay, leading to greater guest satisfaction by closing the loop on the right room assignment with Room 77’s unique Room Concierge service.

Benefits of being featured on Room 77

  • Generate buzz & exposure: Showcase your hotel in an innovative way, using cutting-edge technology.
  • Market room inventory: Market your room inventory to savvy travelers like no other travel site can.
  • Build loyalty: Room 77 helps guests make more informed decisions, increasing confidence in their stay at your hotel. By getting guests into rooms they prefer, you can meet their needs more effectively.

Getting Started

Ensuring your hotel is included and appropriately presented on Room 77 is easy. Our Business Development team will work with you to set up direct connects (for price and availability), and help you determine the necessary content for your dedicated Room 77 hotel profile page. Your participation is important to us and we'd love to hear from you. To get started, please contact our Business Development team using the form below.

Hotel FAQs

Q: What is Room 77, and what does it mean for my hotel?

A: Room 77 is a hotel search engine that utilizes proprietary room intelligence to deliver the industry’s most advanced shopping experience. We go one step further to help travelers find rooms that meet their preferences for view, size or noise. To add more detailed info to your hotel profile page, and attract more attention to your property, please contact our Business Development team at

Q: How do travelers book on Room 77?

A: With Room 77, travelers can instantly shop every major online travel agency, and see pricing when available. They can also see prices across a variety of room categories, and book more than 100,000 hotels worldwide.

Q: What’s the Room Concierge service?

A: Room Concierge is a free service offered to travelers who book on Room 77. Utilizing our proprietary technology and unique insight into hotels, we identify the best rooms for travelers based on their preferences. We realize hotels can't guarantee a certain room, but we've found that most are more than willing to accommodate these requests. When travelers are happy with their rooms, that translates to increased guest satisfaction, loyalty and repeat business for hotels.

Find out more about the Room Concierge service.

Q: How do potential customers find my hotel on Room 77?

A: Room 77 provides a targeted booking experience. Our unique features allow travelers to make more informed choices about hotels. Moreover, when we have detailed info about a hotel -- such as their floor plans and rooms date --- we can better merchandise that property. Providing a richer experience to the traveler ultimately translates into more bookings for the hotel.

Q: How do I showcase more details about my hotel?

A: Email us at We'll work with you to get your floor plans and detailed room information produced and on our site. .

Q: Does Room 77 feature direct pricing?

A: Contact our Business Development team at for additional information about direct pricing.

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