It’s been a few days since Room 77 launched, and we’re still glowing from the outpouring of support and feedback from our users — not just in the U.S., but all across the world (hello Prague, hello Mumbai!). But, we’re not letting it get to our head. In fact, it only fuels our desire to make our product even better, and to provide travelers with richer travel experiences.

I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Heej Jones, and I’m the Chief Blogger and Editorial Director for Room 77. My sincere hope is that this blog will cultivate a community of travelers who not only engage with us, the Room 77 team, but with one another in sharing the wealth of wisdom you’ve all garnered through your travels.

My team and I are committed to making our blog insightful, informative and above all — fun! We’ll not only post interesting tidbits about fantastic rooms and jaw-dropping views in hotels all across the world, but also let you peek into the daily happenings of our team (check out our hot pepper-eating contest on our Facebook page), and keep you updated on the latest innovations. And of course, we can’t wait to see all the exciting places you’ve been to and all the fabulous rooms you’ve stayed in!

Happy travels,

~ Heej Jones (Chief Blogger and Editorial Director)

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Heej has often been told that her life has the makings of an international spy novel: born in Korea, raised in Saudi Arabia, and conversational in a handful of languages (not to mention an uncanny ability to mimic accents). In reality, she has neither government clearance nor a cool spy name - just a perpetual wanderlust and appetite for experiencing new cultures and cuisines. Heej received her master's degree from Seattle University but her undergraduate degree from Columbia University, which is why she claims New York as her cultural home to this day (ask her about it over "cawfee" sometime).