Introducing CheckMate’s mobile check-in services for hotels

You can use your mobile device to check in to your flight, so why not your hotel? Today, we are thrilled to announce the launch of CheckMate* and its mobile guest check-in service for hotels and travel agencies. With this new platform, CheckMate is helping hotels and online travel agencies improve the guest check-in process with Web and mobile services.

What this means is, through CheckMate’s platform, a hotel’s guests can request room preferences, receive last-minute upgrade offers, submit loyalty numbers, and other direct communication from the hotel in advance of arrival. Guests also benefit from advance check-in via their mobile device and they receive room status alerts that lets them know exactly when their room is ready. Hotels are able to use CheckMate’s white-labeled technology to streamline check-in by allowing guests to bypass the lines and minimizing wait time at the front desk.

Several hotel groups are already using the platform, including Commune Hotels + Resorts, MetWest Terra Hospitality, and Pacific Hospitality Group.

CheckMate’s technology is not limited to hotels – online travel agencies, distributors and search engines (including Room 77) can use the technology to provide enhanced service to travelers at ANY hotel. This improves branded customer service, and partners can leverage CheckMate’s room intelligence data to request specific room categories and preferences on behalf of the guest.

Current distribution partners include PointsHound and Alliance Reservations Network.

We believe there is a tremendous opportunity to innovate the hotel check-in and we are excited to help travelers, hotels and distributors maximize this process.

*Room 77 acquired CheckMate in April 2013, and it is operated as a separate business division.