Room 77, On-The-Go

Need to find a great room at your favorite hotel while you’re on the road? Download the free Room 77 iPhone app to get room recommendations based on your preferences.

Whether you’re in the cab or already in the lobby, our app shows you nearby hotels based on your location, and recommends the best rooms for you. Here’s a quick tour:

First, hotels near you and that are supported in our app will appear. Second, you’ll choose a hotel and pick your room category. Once you’ve set your preferences for view, floor, distance from elevator, etc., our system generates a list of the top rooms; the match score indicates how closely the rooms match your preferences.

Room 77 App - NearbyRoom 77 Hotel Profile Page Room 77 App Category Detail

If you already have a reservation, simply enter in your assigned room number and see the relevant details. In an instant, we’ll recommend that you “Take It” or “Leave It.” If your room isn’t a good match, ask for a different room before you leave the front desk. Because we show you the floor map, you can easily see which room would suit your needs — and you’ll save yourself a few trips back down to the front desk!

Room 77 App - Strong MatchRoom 77 - Floor Map

Third, don’t forget to review your room after your stay. Share a few photos with us as well, as we’d love to see the view you got (and compare it to ours). This type of feedback helps us improve our room ranking algorithms.

If you should come across a hotel that doesn’t have any information on our app, help us out by “sleuthing” it, Sherlock! Upload a photo of the floor map (usually posted on the back of your hotel door) and let us know which room/floor you’re in. This information will help us compile the hotel’s data to generate views and floor maps, which will help fellow future travelers find their perfect room. We’re building the world’s largest hotel room database, and we’re relying on savvy travelers like you!

Room 77 - Review RoomRoom 77 - Sleuth

And finally, check back often to see the new hotels and destinations we’re adding every day. We’re also working on getting our app onto other platforms and devices including Android. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to get the latest updates.

Download our free app today. Happy travels!

  • Gmlevinmd

    App in compatible with ipod touch requires opengl es2.0

    • Roger Wong

      The app is currently compatible with 3GS and newer iPhones and with newer iPod touches with OpenGL 2.0 support. We’re working to find ways to improve performance of the app on these devices before we certify them to be compatible. Thanks.

  • Barry

    The link on your home page saying that the Android version is coming took me to this page, but I don’t see anything here about it.

    • Roger Wong

      Hi Barry, we’re working on getting our app across more platforms and devices and Android is at the top of our list. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook and you’ll see an announcement when we launch.

  • Tom Ball

    Come on ANDROID APP!!

    • Room 77 Team

      We’re working on it. Thanks for your enthusiasm…and patience! :)